Love Guru Advice: "My man cheated on me"

Dear Love Guru,
I was with a man for two years and then he cheated on me. He said it was a one night stand and he was terribly sorry. But I broke up with him. Now all I can do is think about him. Should I take him back or not?
Double Crossed

Dear Double Crossed,
I’ve always wondered where do all the memories go when the relationships die? Sometimes I feel they fester in the aura around us until we move on to something else. There are two ways of looking at this: 1) Forgive him. Then go to a counselor and try to make it work. See the problems both of you had. Do not play the blame game if you truly love each other and want to get back to a caring and respectful space. This will take tremendous effort but if you feel he’s been good to you in all other spheres then you should try and give it one more chance. 2) If you feel you deserve better it is time for you to move on. You need to do things that will keep your mind busy, your body tired, and your heart occupied. Plunge yourself in your job. Take up new assignments. Join a zumba class where you will dance until you are exhausted. Flirt with as many men as you come across, meet your girlfriends and socialize with family members. Enhance your life for the better with or without him! Forget the mistakes but don’t forget the lessons you learned from it.


Shrek Font said…
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ujjwal sharma said…
Dear Love Guru,
I was with a woman for 4 months and then she cheated on me. She said that she don't love me but she was love me and she says that sorry for all because other person enter in her life. But i love her lotsss, Now all I can do is think about her. Should I take him back or not?
Rahul said…
Hi Madhuri,

I came to your blog from the Penguin page on submitting stories. To confess straight off, I have not read your book but went through your blog and your success and happiness with the book got me all excited as well.

As you might have already guessed, I too want to publish a book. Over the last 2 years, I have been quietly writing short stories stealing time from corporate life to do so. I have got a total of 7 now and have lost patience and want to move ahead towards publishing. Could you perhaps do a post on the process and how your book happened. Any tips/suggestions, how to go about it etc.?

Or perhaps just reply in the comments section itself. I am sure it would earn you a lot of good karma and yes, I will check out your book, though frankly, the chick-lit tag makes me suspicious and I mean everything I say in a good way.

Saurabh said…
Flirt with as many men as you come across:

Ha ha, you are devil. Truly amazing to see the world from a liberated lady's point of view. Do well :-)
I didn't understand. Did you want to be an author or in the publishing field as an editor?
Do clarify.
Also do read my book!

Rahul said…
Hi Madhuri,

What I meant was that I have written a few short stories and wanted to get them published. Any advice or tips etc. would be very helpful.

just few days back i finished your book!
Kaveri is a big time dumb gal and in the same time she is smart in her own ways :)
liked the book a lot.

Thanks Kasturi
Yes Kaveri is naive in the beginning but she learns to come into her own once she realises who she is and what she wants. Love changes her an helps her grow.
Glad you enjoyed it.

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