SPIN - A poem

I give too much.
Too much.
And you throw it all away
When will this stop?
When will you just understand?

It started long time back
And I gave you a chance
And another
And one more.
Till we stopped counting.

It seemed ok at first
The voices begged and pleaded
But how did it matter
I knew what I wanted
And ran back to you anyway.

It wasn't a big thing
I don't know why it felt that way
But those last words you said
I didn’t believe.
I never wanted to.

And all I wanted was for you to stop
And then I understood.
It wasn't you.
I was the one who needed to end
From spinning this way.


Harsh9 said…
Yes well said, it was you who needed to stop. true :)
Pesto Sauce said…
I have heard a lot about your books, how can I get them in Muscat? I am dying to read them....
Gaurav Dhamija said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
You can order my book Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas online from the Penguin site.
Thank you for your comments. gaurav, I'm hooked!
Anonymous said…
So True. Love and accommodation are the weaknesses of rational beings. They have to put up with being misunderstood... always.
pallavi said…
i read the book today and i love it..!! :) :)

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