How Not to Get Senti in Summer Flings

It’s summertime! Vacations mean meeting new people and falling in love. But summer romances are named so for a reason. It’s because they’re supposed to last only a season. Vacation flings must end and here are a few ways you can make sure you’re not overly sentimental about who you think is “The One”.

1.       Don’t Plan a Future – Saying things like “I love you, let’s get married” are complete no-nos for a summer fling. But if you’re nowhere close to that, even slight hints of staying in touch, getting together later, trying to make it long lasting will make you look needy.

2.        Don’t Have Romantic Dates – You’re bound to say something stupid when you’re watching “French Kiss” with your date. Rom – com movies are off the table. If you have to watch films, make it a new superhero thriller. In fact, go on an adventure sport date. But don’t make it a life or death experience. If the adrenaline is too much it could lead to making a commitment you can’t get out of!

3.       Don’t Play the Games – Wooing, refraining, sulking, calling, stalking. The game that’s played to get the girl or guy permanently cannot be played. You like someone, say “I have two weeks in this place. Wanna have some fun?” Keep it straight, safe, and simple if they agree.

4.       Be Yourself – If you have gas, don’t hold back. If you hate alcohol don’t pretend to be cool. We are always on our best behavior in the beginning because we want that person to see our best side. Who cares? If that person walks away, there are other people in the hotel to impress.

5.       Split the costs – Ask her out, take him water skiing but make sure both of you split the costs for all these activities. That way you’re having fun for yourself. And pretty soon you’ll be broke and start thinking about returning to work and earning it again. Voila, no mushy thoughts!


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