Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kaveri Love Guru Column: Leftover Presents

Dear Kaveri Love Guru,
I’ve broken up with my boyfriend but I have all these presents that he’s given me in the last two years of our relationship. Should I return them or burn them? I just don’t know what to do with them!

Dear Baggage,
Have you lost your mind completely? You keep them! Especially if they are expensive and come in a nice velvet box. Returning gifts to a boy who doesn’t want them will only mean he will give it to another woman or throw them out. You might think that by giving them back you’ve let go completely and “cleaned” him out of your life. For him, it’s junk returned. If you have to remove all elements of him in your life, take the stuffed toys, cards and other cheapie stuff and donate it to an orphanage. If you are still feeling guilty, you are most welcome to send the expensive presents to my address. Just remember you have also invested your time, effort, and energy into a man for the last two years. That’s far more valuable than any present a man can give. You gave him love and understanding. That’s equivalent to the gifts as well. So if you choose to keep the things, let it just be a pretty thing you deserved. It need not be a reminder of a beautiful or sad time with him. By the way, all the stuff that you gave him? Yeah, he doesn’t even know where he kept it! Enjoy what you got. And next time, get more!

 Printed in the Asian Age. And Deccan Chronicle.

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