Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mediocrity Rules

Every day you try to do something great with your life. You try because you think you will become great if you could just do that one thing that gets you noticed. It might be a ppt that you made in office. Or that idea you thought was brilliant. Or whatever it was. And then you look around. And no one is applauding. Wtf. Wasn’t this supposed to be your moment? So you either shrug your shoulders and try better tomorrow or you convince people that it was a good thing in the first place. You go around thinking you ARE brilliant. Then you start doing the same thing again and again. Until people realize that wow – that is some cool shit. And the people who are opposed to you even though they might think differently will say, what the hell, let’s just say it is cool shit! And soon you’re known for it. Soon, people start recognizing you for it. Soon people start believing in it. And it is awesome. Because soon enough other people start doing the same thing. And it spreads. The same thing goes on and on until a new generation breaks it with something different. Not great, but new. And then an entire era is remembered for that one thing. Even if that thing was simply MEDIOCRE.


Don't let mediocrity rule. Do better or give credit to someone who does. You don't always have to be the centre of attention. Your work might not always be the Best, even if you're the Boss.


Or at least try to... in every single sphere of you life. Mendacity seeps through our bones. Don't let it rule your life.

Be better today. Otherwise we'll just be a generation of average, ordinary and unremarkable people patting each other on the back.


mesushovan said...

Your ‘cerebral shit’ is cool, indeed! On this, let me share a nugget of my life. 1996, after completing my electrical engineering, I wanted to be a copy writer. Despite my technical background, pathetic English, and typical middle-class upbringing. I went for a forced interview – that I somehow managed to arrange… exhausting no less than 20 phones calls from public booths – I was the 'black sheep of the family' so wasn't allowed to use the home phone that time :) – and hearing “he’s in a meeting” stuff – at a top-notch ad agency with my mock portfolio. The guy, who met me, actually threw all the papers on me and said, “If you could be a copywriter, the goat will also fly! Now, please excuse me, please!” I collected myself with misty eyes, gathered the papers from the floor, and left his chamber, silently. 2006, I was heading an MNC agency’s creative in Delhi. At a workshop, in Mumbai, I suddenly bumped into him. I gave my introduction and handover my visiting card to him. While, of course, taking him back to 1996. For the reason obvious, he denied to recognize me, and simply walked off the scene in a great hurry. So, yes, I too admit and fully agree ‘mediocrity’ wins provided one has the guts and grit to push the bar ahead and above every time, relentlessly. And that too, amid all adversities. After all, none should forget if s/he fails, people will laugh ‘at’ her/him and if s/he succeeds, people will laugh ‘with’ her/him. Be it ‘at’ or ‘with’; how does it matter! Since, in life, what only counts is ‘action’ but hardly any ‘preposition’ or 'conjunction'; isn’t it? What say? Would love to get your take on this. Cheers! :)

Kashish Baldia said...


Internet Infopreneur said...

Bravo! Well said. Let's ROCK :-)

All success

Dr.Mani said...

Bravo! Well said. Let's all ROCK! :-)

A Kumar said...

When the majority of people around us are mediocre, we too tend to be like them so as to not to be left out of the crowd. I feel its the company that we keep matters as to how we want to take ourselves and how much hard work we want to put in to excel.

Abhra Pal said...

Very rightly said, indeed that is what keeps us going!

Madhuri Banerjee said...

Sushovan - I'm proud of you. YOU are not mediocre. You teach us to be better than the rest and believe in ourselves. NICE!

Prathamesh Mulye said...

An intelligent can have to all but an average mediocre has to earn as Mediocrity rocks bcoz then you know the true potential of earning it,
very well said blog an source of inspiration for mediocre

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