Sunday, January 18, 2015

How to Hook Up At a Party

Look like Ryan Gosling – You know why girls swoon over Ryan Gosling? Because he looks good. Now it doesn’t matter if you’re not as fit or as wealthy, you can still try to bathe, wear deo, trim your beard, gel your hair and put on some fresh ironed clothes. If you’re confused about what to wear, a woman always loves a crisp white shirt and well-fitted jeans on a man. If it’s a formal event, wear a jacket. Oh…a jacket would make you win half the battle.

Speak like Mark Zuckerberg – No not the guy who played him in the movie, the real man. He is intelligent, philanthropic and wears a nice smile. He is appealing. He speaks when spoken to. He’s not bragging about his work, money or life. He’s down to earth. Be cool, comfortable, easy going. Mingle with a group and speak to all women at the party. Thin you deserve to be there. Know that women are interested in you when you smile sincerely and not lecherously.

Think like James Bond – You’re charismatic, suave, sexy, mind blowing. Feel it. And then speak to a woman who you like, or the woman who has come over. Be intelligent. Don’t ogle at her breasts. Be interested in her. “If I had to take you on a date, which movie would you like to see?” Ask her what she likes to do. Give her the spotlight but don’t be creepy. Too many personal questions will make her think you’re stalking her. Smile and nod your head as if you really care. Be mysterious.

Charm like Shah Rukh Khan – Women love SRK. Not because he’s a great actor, but because when he looks at you, you’re the only one he’s thinking of. Give her undivided attention. Ask her for a dance if there’s a dance floor. Seclude her to another area where you can hear her better – the terrace, a corridor, etc. Ask her if she would like to smoke. This way you can spend some more time dazzling her. Talk about your hobbies and your work. Don’t be overconfident. Stay humble and shift focus back to her.

Friendly like Chandler – Before Monica and Chandler hooked up she always thought of him as a friend. At a party you don’t want a woman to think of you as someone she can confide in. As soon as she feels comfortable with you, she won’t sleep with you. If she mentions she has a boyfriend, say you’re not interested in breaking anything up and thank her and walk away. If she still chooses to spend time with you, then you’ve got her hooked. If she says you can become good friends, then you must immediately say you’re too enamoured to remain friends and again walk away. Let her make the choice to come to you. Or you can go the Chandler way and become friends until you confess you have feelings for her one fine day in the future.

Spend like Mr. Big – Women have watched Sex and the City, a TV show where the male protagonists had lots of money. A woman likes the fact that her man can afford her high maintenance life. If you can buy her a drink, offer to take her out for dinner and even say you will get her a new dress if you rip her current one off, it shows you can afford expensive things in life. Women are attracted to men who are doing well in life as compared to men who are still struggling.

Sing like Sinatra – Women love a man who can sing or/and play an instrument. It’s something about the lyrics or the melody in his voice that will make a woman instantly attracted to him. So at a party if there’s karaoke, do sing a song. And if there isn’t say that you would like to sing two lines of a song that you’re reminded of when she speaks. Practice any song at home before you get to the party. Always sing the same song that you’re most confident in. Don’t sing the whole song till you’re prompted by her.

Funny like Farhan Akhtar – This man has been called the thinking woman’s ideal man. He’s witty and sharp and he may not have the best body or greatest dress sense but he’s sincere, puns a lot, comes up with great stories and is the master of many trades. That could be you. You don’t always need to pretend to be someone you’re not. You can just laugh at yourself and tell her an anecdote about your past that was humiliating and yet here you are hoping that the most beautiful woman in the room might like you more than that cool man over there in the corner. Endearing men always score!

Aloof like Mr Darcy – Women like brooding, aloof, powerful, dominant men. They like a bad boy they can tame. First you must find a woman who is also eyeing you as much as you are eyeing her. Then walk over to her and pay her a compliment. “I couldn’t help but admire your eyes from all the way across the room and I just needed to get a closer look.” If she’s with friends say “Enjoy your evening” and walk away, a distance where she can still see you. Smile at her if she’s still sitting with friends. Don’t start chatting with other people. Sit separately with your drink. Let her come to you.

Be You – If you like a girl, tell her. Compliment her on her eyes, her smile and the way she carries her dress. Talk to her about yourself. If you had a Twitter bio what would it say? Ask her. Play twenty questions about the person she is. Does she like parties or quiet dinners at home? Tell her what your future plans her. “I’m planning to take a cooking class to make a quiet dinner for someone in the near future.” Make her laugh.

Some women might hook up and some women even after everything you do just won’t. They came to the party to have a good time and not hook up. Don’t take it personally. In the end, have a wonderful time at the party. The more you go out to just have fun, the more you’ll have a great holiday season. 

From my Maxim Column December 2014 issue. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Broken is Beautiful. Kintsugi

"Most people would like damages to their broken items to be concealed and hidden by repair making the object look like new. But the Japanese art of Kintsugi follows a different philosophy. Rather than disguising the breakage, kintsugi restores the broken item incorporating the damage into the aesthetic of the restored item, making it part of the object’s history."
In life aren't we all broken? Broken relationships. Broken friendships. Broken houses. Broken jobs. We try to leave the past behind. Not dwell on it. Focus on the future. Be positive.
But what if the broken pieces are truly beautiful when mended. Shouldn't we give credit to that? The healing. The mending. The chipped fragments of our life that we put together. Instead of discarding it shouldn't we embrace it? Be proud of it? Wear it like a badge of honour rather than hide it away as a past, a regret, a choice we don't want to think about.
We mend our life with "gold"
For me that gold signifies courage, strength, intelligence, positivity. We might be this wonderful pottery that God made. That was broken with life and healed with gold.
An art...of living life with honour.

10 Sex Questions From Men - Uncensored

1) I have fantasized about making love in the kitchen but my girlfriend doesn’t believe in experimenting. How do I convince her?

I’m glad that you’re trying to spice things up. However, you must realise that most women have an orgasm in the missionary position on a bed rather than being tangled in strange postures in various rooms. Therefore, you must tell your girlfriend that maybe the sex in the kitchen or anywhere else is not just about an orgasm. It’s about the adventure and the memories you’re creating together.
Then there are two ways to do this correctly. One when you’re having foreplay, coax her into the kitchen and find a comfortable spot. You must have got the kitchen cleaned first. You can’t have dirty dishes lying around. Nothing distracts a woman more than wanting to scream at her maid for not clearing up!! Make sure the lights are dimmed or have a candle lit. Draw the curtains if your girlfriend is shy. She might not like voyeuristic sex.
The second way is to start experimenting in other areas like the drawing room on a sofa or the bathroom and then move to the kitchen. Maybe the cold marble slab is not appealing to her. As Ma Sarita, the tantric sex expert claims “Women's needs from sex revolve around love, companionship and intimacy whereas a man seeks excitation, orgasm and ejaculation.” Be sure to give her plenty of love before you initiate the excitement. All the best!

2) In all the relationships that I’ve had, it’s been a tough task to decode what turned her on. What are a major turn on for a woman?

The scent of a man is very important. If you smell good, you’ve already won half the battle. Then the usual qualities would work – how you treat a woman, making her feel important, giving undivided attention, being funny, be smart, not arrogant or too cool, and never jump to have sex. Don’t talk about past relationships or hope for her to meet your parents on the first date, support her dreams, and be interested in her ideas. When you’ve succeeded in winning her attention, be gentle and firm in bed. Know when to lead and when to let her take over. In a Cosmopolitan survey of what women wanted from men, how a man looked or what he earned was lower than how he made her feel. Always remember that. Good luck!

3) I am in my late 20s and been in a relationship for the last 4 years. But for the past 1 and a half years my girlfriend has been pressurizing me to be a “man”. We have an amazing sex life and a smooth relationship, so I don’t understand what she mean? Help!

It takes time for a man to open up to a woman about his life and his problems. And women are always pressurizing men to “share more.” But when they do, women don’t really want to hear it on a daily basis! Have you been unloading all your problems to her too often? Maybe she needs a little more listening from your side and less cribbing? Don’t hunt for a mother in her. Make sure the bathroom is clean and you put away your own ironed clothes if you’re living with her. Nurture her by taking her out on dates. She needs to feel protected. Drop her home if she’s working late. Take charge of both your goals and dreams and make decisions. If she has a wish, fulfil it. If she is upset, angry, or hurt, listen to her. Give advice only when she asks for it and stop whining in return about how you’re hurt or upset too. Wear a little less pink! Keep an unshaven look for a few days and try something new in bed.  You’ll be man enough for her to never look at another male species.

4) I have just got into a relationship with a lovely, funny woman. She doesn’t like the idea of going out and it is too soon to take her home. I really like her and want her. What should I do?
Indian women are sometimes shy and conservative. So start by taking her in a group of friends or a double date – her girl friend and another guy with both of you. Do something casual like watching a movie or going for coffee. Once you get to know her better then plan an outing doing what she likes – trekking, going to the bookstore, walk in the park, etc. Ask her if she would like to do it with just you. Remember the more conversation you have with her, the closer you will get. Making yourself vulnerable, open and staying honest will always go a long way in love.  

5) My girlfriend is on good terms with my best friend and she talks a lot about him. I recently spotted them together in a bar. They said it was a coincidence. Am I being too possessive or is it time to confront her?
It’s time to confront her. There are no coincidences.

6) My girlfriend complains that there isn’t enough foreplay. Tips?
Here are a few tips of foreplay:
  • Don’t rush to undress.
  • Kiss a little longer.
  • Play with her hair, ears, neck.
  • Whisper sweet nothings in her ear – you’re so beautiful, your hair is so luscious, you’re the best kisser ever...
  • Gently rub your hands down her back with the tips of your fingers.
  • Move hands slowly over breasts.
  • Gently suck on nipples.
  • Keep a surprise element when you go down on her. Don’t rush it.   
  • Use props if you need to. Silk scarves, ties, blindfold...
  • Take your time before actual coitus.
7) I have been in a relationship for 3 and half years and it feels like she is the boss in the bed. It was fun but I’m a little unsatisfied of late. Any moves I can use?
Maybe she takes charge in bed because she feels she needs to. If you show her how you can please her, she won’t be so dominating. Here are a few tips:
  • Experiment with role play. Tell her to wear your office shirt and nothing underneath and come into the room where you’re in bed. Or something that fuels your imagination and hers with household props.
  • Don’t ask too many questions. “Do you want me to turn off the lights? Is the ac ok? Are you comfortable? Do you want to eat something first?” Stop it!
  • Tell her what you want. “I want you to take your clothes off.” “I want you to sit on that chair.” “I want you to loosen your hair.” Don’t take her opinion on it. Be firm.
  • Speak dirty. Ask her how she’s feeling. “Tell me how much you like it.” “Moan for me.”
  • Be bold in touching her, not aggressive and rough, but firm and confident.
  • Spend time in all her erogenous zones instead of just going to only one or two.
  • Change positions. You don’t need to have sex in just one way. It’s not just about the orgasm. It’s about having fun and experimenting in weird ways that makes you connect with each other better.
  • Compliment her for her work, choices, managing home, etc. Some women feel they need to be aggressive in bed to prove a point that they are superwoman. You must converse with her enough to make her feel she’s great in whatever she does. 
  • Remind yourself that you’re a powerful personality too. Not just in bed but every day. When that confidence shines through, you’ll conquer anything!
8) I am 30 but older woman of 50 really turn me on. I really want to get with one of them. Shall I?
Try your luck but older women always come with baggage. They’re not going to marry you, have your children or meet your parents. If it’s fun with no emotional attachment that you seek, go for it. Otherwise, stick to women your own age who can develop the relationship further if you fall in love.

9) My girlfriend gets randy while kissing, it’s almost like she is chewing me. It does turn me on but she needs to slow down a bit. How can I tell her without pissing her off?

First you need to appreciate the fact that the woman loves kissing you. Tell her that you would be even more turned on if it was done slower. Tell her there’s no hurry, you’re not going anywhere and you want to please her as well. Probably she’s seen this in movies and is displaying it in real life. Show her how to kiss better. Sometimes gentle criticism and soft encouragement to improve could help in keeping your lips intact.

10) I’ve been married for 10 years, tried all kinds of positions and places. It doesn’t feel as good in bed as it used to. Any tips on how I can spice things up?

The India Today Sex Survey of 2012 showed that 35 per cent woman admit to reading or watching pornography, as opposed to 13 per cent a decade ago. You can start with watching a great porn movie together! Then move on to planning a hotel night where she’s not worried about the household problems. If you have children keep a relative/ nanny at home while you’re away for the night. Plan a longer vacation without children that could spice up the relationship. You can also try to be romantic. Send her some negligee with a note that she would look wonderful wearing it. Plan a spa day for her so she’s relaxed.
Maybe even have some time away from each other so that when you meet, the craving and passion comes back. Passion always comes from the mind. The body only follows. If you believe that you’re with the most beautiful woman in the world like you did when you married her, feel it, accept it, prove it!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Importance of Loneliness

A friend told me recently: It’s been a year since my divorce. Maybe I should find a man. I’m so lonely.
And that got me thinking.

What is wrong with loneliness?

It’s the most powerful emotion to have.

It’s not from happiness, peace or ambition that we grow. It’s from loneliness. So many couples think that marriage and being with another human being is supposed to fill a void. But no one realizes that even if you’re with someone that void is a gift. 

Loneliness is powerful. 

It gives you a sense of what you’re lacking. And that lack is not just time with your spouse. It’s a lack of more energy in your life. It’s the universe’s way of telling you are so much more. What more do you want to do. Besides this person in your life, what else can you be? And only from loneliness will your soul grow. 

It’s sad when you see couples just being together all the time. Doing the same things. Feeling the same way having common emotions and values and hooping for the same dreams of bigger houses better cars good education for kids. And then partying together, spending every minute either together or in filling their time with people and work. 

So often we shun loneliness thinking that it is negative. It makes us depressed. Not being able to understand that it is highly under rated. We must embrace it. And from there we will grow. Enjoy your time alone. Enjoy your space. And reflect on yourself. Be lonely. It’s worth it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

10 New Year Resolutions To Think About

1. I will try to understand the people who are important to me and give them attention. I will not focus on negative people and trying to fix their problems.

2. I will not let petty things bother me. There is a larger game play in action. I will focus on that.
3. I will raise my children to be equal and kind and understanding. I will not give in to every demand of theirs.

4. I will meditate every day for at least 15 minutes. I believe in a higher power and my inner power. I will tap into that when I’m depressed, lonely, upset, disappointed, angry, or annoyed.
5. I will walk/jog/gym/yoga at least five times a week. Not just to be thin but to be fit for life. 

6. I will not feel guilty about taking time for myself and understanding what my soul desires. Even if this means skipping a few lunches and dinners with friends and important people.

7. I will not be indifferent to the needs of others. I will donate clothes, money, time and energy to those who are in need and it will not include family and friends.

8. I will realize that I need to work to earn money but it’s not what defines me. I have many layers of myself to discover and I will take new chances. 

9. I will not let people, situations, opinions, and other’s success affect me. I will not be filled with self doubt! My time will come. I will work hard today to fulfill my goal. 

10. I will not share every idea, every moment, and every picture of me on a social media site. I do not need appreciation or validation. I am complete in myself. My moments are precious to me and I cherish them.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Leo Horoscope

In 2015 the Leo can be considered the lucky ones! Everything you dream of can come true and under even better circumstances than you think. It’s not only that Jupiter, the planet of grand achievements and opportunities, will stay in your Zodiac till August, but also other planets will provide Leo with numerous surprising opportunities for it to solidify its “royal status”. After all, among all people on earth and among all the stars in the skies there is hardly a nobler Zodiac sign than yours: only you can do a noble gesture with such grandeur even without taking your own interests into consideration. In 2015 as always nothing will just be given to you by the birthright, but what you win in an honest fight will be especially valuable to you since it’ll be granted to you on your terms! You should agree that staying true to your life credo is success in itself!

Leo horoscope for 2015 notes that in the first half of the year you, dear Lions, will notice that you’ve become less reserved, more courageous and decisive, ready to fight any troubles that life can bring you. At some point you may suddenly feel like being in the spotlight more often, going to more of formal events and visiting more entertainment establishments; you would want to shine like the brightest star whose sparkle can hardly be outdone by anyone at all. Regardless of the way it is manifested, your popularity will grow and grow fast – so fast that on waking up in your bed next morning you will feel a new person as if you were born again. Those of you who have been in the shadow living a modest ascetic life will suddenly feel so elevated that it can literally be compared to only having wings behind your back and soaring above the crowd of gapers. It can even be said that Leo 2015 and Leo 2015 are two completely different persons. People around you will notice the changes: you’ll become more benevolent, supportive and magnanimous. These newly discovered qualities will earn you reputation and authority. In early 2015 many of you will strive for drastic changes in your appearance: you’d want to change your image, hair, etc. to become a new person and feel refreshed. You can go ahead and boldly experiment with your image.

It should be mentioned that the Lions of creative professions have strong chances to be recognized at what they do and become known. By the way, some “artistic” Lions can get so stuck up under the influence of their popularity that they would be able to do something inappropriate or they can get so self-confident in what they do that they would devise something so “out there” that the society would not approve of it. You should keep in mind that moderateness is a virtue and there’s always a line by crossing which you may lose it all.

In the second half of 2015 when Jupiter moves into the Zodiac of Virgo Leo will get more concerned with the issues associated with material wellbeing and financial stability. It is during this time that you may expect to work on an interesting project and land a well-paying exciting job which will provide for all future expenses.

Special attention should be paid to the summer months of 2015 when Saturn has a negative influence on your family relations. You, dear Lions, should first and foremost be with your household members during this time. Be involved, show initiative, communicate with your close ones, and help them solve their problems. Even if they deny the very existence of critical situations, they will still desperately need your support. Try to spend more time with your family during summer time, have family fun, and enjoy time outdoors. Vacationing with a whole family will also help preserve peace and harmony in your home.

If sometime during the period of June-August 2015 you start thinking of renovating, you should do away with this idea right away. Any renovation projects for your Zodiac sign can be fraught with the most unfortunate consequences. Even if you and your significant other are enjoying a perfect relationship at the end of spring, your ideas of how to arrange your nest could be so drastically different that disagreements can cause a serious break up. Undertaking selling or buying real estate is not advisable, either, during this time. You should think of postponing these matters till the fall when you have more financial opportunities and various options to realize your ideas.

Additional Information for 2015 Leo Horoscope

If your birthday falls on sometime between August 4 and August 11, you may then fully count on unconditional support from above. The Leo from this group may notice many unusual changes happening in their life in 2015 which will expedite solving many problems that have been dragging for quite some time. Apart from Jupiter’s favorable influence on your Zodiac sign, in 2015 Uranus will have a significant impact on you which will first of all promote Leo’s career ambitions. However, when it comes to the Leo involved in politics or those of you with a creative profession or engaged in the sphere of art or any other public activity, the planets’ influence will prove especially noticeable and interesting result-wise: many Leos involved in the above-mentioned spheres will become famous. Yes, they will! The conditions found in 2015 horoscope for your Zodiac sign will promote your achievements online and on TV even if you have never given a thought to becoming popular. Also, those of you who look for popularity should resort to the most unconventional ways to achieve a cherished goal. Moreover, Uranus can make your social status change considerably. You may decide to change your life – once and for all. Your friends and family might be shocked by such turn of events, but you shouldn’t pay any attention to their concerns. Everything you’ve got planned will be sure to come true – you’ll enjoy wellbeing and new opportunities.

The rest of the Leo sign natives should not lose heart since their opportunities will not deplete and the changes they will experience throughout 2015 will prove favorable and positive. Everything discussed above has the most direct impact on you, too, with the only exception of the Lions born in early August who will enjoy the best that life can bring.

Finances Horoscope 2015
2015 will prove to be quite successful for Leo’s financial life. In the first half of 2015 your income will fully depend on your social and business activity. The more often you make public appearances and the louder you advertise your professional talents the more “profitable” this behavior will be. This way you’ll be sure to kill two birds with one stone: you’ll indulge in self-admiration and receive a financial bonus.

In the second half of the year Leo’s money appetite will grow: you’ll want more money, but your expenses will be equally high. During this time you should steer all your efforts toward locating new income sources and more favorable job options which will ensure the lifestyle you want. Don’t limit your wishes; strive for more and you’ll get it. However, you should watch out for loans and credits – rely on your own power and financial opportunities when making large acquisitions; don’t borrow money no matter how favorable offers could seem. You shouldn’t lend money, either – even to your good friends and close relatives – you may have your financial inflow dry up.

A period between July 25 and September 8 when your desire of extravagance and luxury is particularly high should be mentioned separately. Try to hold your horses – don’t buy big; don’t invest; otherwise, you may lose a larger portion of your savings.

During the period of September 26-November 12 you should be particularly watchful of your expenses. This is the time when money can disappear like sand through your fingers no matter how hard you may try to save and limit your expenditures. Protect your belongings; don’t make large deals. During this time your expenses will exceed your revenues and you should be more serious when tackling the issue of safeguarding your savings.

Acquiring real estate and making large purchases for home should better be planned for the period of December 6-30. And summer months should be avoided in terms of any investments in home improvements/renovations.

The most favorable periods for large acquisitions and investments are January 28-February 20, April 12-May 7 and September 7-October 9.


Many Lions will make a decision to drastically change their professional occupation in 2015. You will be after the job that could help you explore your potential, make you enjoy it, aid in becoming famous and generate good income. You’ll be prepared to work day and night on exciting new projects. It’ll be interesting for you to dive into a new world, new responsibilities and new social circle. The zest you’ll have for your new job can only be compared to the student who has just graduated and started their first job. You should keep in mind that in the second half of 2015 when Jupiter enters the Zodiac of Virgo you may find the job that will completely satisfy your salary criteria.

The Lions who for various reasons would prefer to keep their current job should keep in mind that during the summer months there may be some hiccups associated with being paid or getting a desired income; there may also be some difficulties in the relations with your management during this time.

During the summer time many Lions will have to tackle the issues connected with their career growth. You’ll want to be promoted and have your responsibilities change; a career growth will seem the easiest and most logical solution in this case; moreover, it’ll call for the least amount of effort you’ll have to make. During the period between the end of July and the first decade of September your professional authorities can be taken away. In addition to your core managerial responsibilities they may impute regular specialist’s duties to you. Be prepared to accept the circumstances – this will help you earn respect of your superiors and give you a chance to take advantage of it in the future.

The Lions of creative professions can count on becoming more popular in the first half of 2015. You should consider cooperating with foreigners, working abroad and taking active part in various educational events. This will help you showcase your potential and make you more famous.

Entrepreneurial Lions will have to work hard during 2015. You should focus on imported goods and working with foreign companies. Even a regular business trip abroad can boost your business. The second half of 2015 holds a promise of good profit if during the first half of the year you won’t stay idle.

January :
o, the zodiac Sign in which the Fire trigon reaches its energetic peak, will enter a new and an entirely new life phase in January 2015. Throughout this month, the influence of the Sun – the planet-ruler of Leo will be multiplied in strength due to the general position of this celestial body. A similar situation will affect Pluto, which is the planet-exalt of Leo, meaning that it is responsible for the flourishing of its life strength. Overall, this extraordinary sign is destined to feel an incredible specter of emotions in the beginning of the year, various positive and helpful emanations occurring due to the position of the stars. The Leos may discover new talents they didn’t know they had, they can achieve perfection in any area, but all of this is in the future – perhaps already by the middle of the year. Currently, it is necessary to focus on one’s own feelings and desires. Uranus and Mercury, traditionally the antagonists of Leo, will be fully blocked by the Sun and Pluto. At the same time, the “celestial leader” of the Fire trigon – the Moon will enter into a confrontation with Neptune and will prevent its negativity. Only Mars will maintain his strength and influence, but he will clearly fall short of exerting any influence onto the decisions of Leos. This is a very positive period that may become a quality base for a rapid fast to the top.

In relation to the area of finances, January 2015 will not bring Leo any special earnings. Everything will go the way it should in the framework of what had been planned. However, towards the end of the first ten-day period, you will suddenly recognize that your abilities significantly surpass the specter of your current responsibilities. Do not be afraid to widen the horizons of your competency. If awareness and your level of mastery permit you do something, then do it. Someone may stand in your way, but trust that he has no chances if you are actually right and are doing what fully corresponds to your essence. When problems arise with management, ask yourself this question – is this a place where you can realize your potential to its fullest degree? If yes, then continue on forward and you will reach success. If no, then you should probably change your place of work. This is an exit that you have been seeking for a long time, so you should not be afraid of cardinal changes. Half-measures are not what you need, not right now – not ever. You have a passion and effort, as well as the support of your celestial benefactors. You can go to another firm or start your own business – do not be afraid of responsibility, as only it defines your real importance and real capabilities

In the sphere of personal relationships, everything will be no less unambiguous. Two-three days before the New Moon (January 20), towards the end of the second ten-day period of the month, you will realize where you have made a mistake. This realization will come suddenly, as a vision, as a collection of all the combined guesses and feelings. Make a decision – what, or precisely who is more important to you. Stop running between two fires, remember the old and wise saying about two rabbits. Make a decision and see how this certainty plays out itself. With time it will bring stability, such stability that you couldn’t even dream of. Everything will come to balance and your feelings will guide you themselves to the correct course of action. Do not be afraid that you have to hurt someone, lying is incompatible with happiness. If you made a mistake once, that doesn’t mean that you can’t change it. You just need the desire and a little bravery to take a leap. Be determinate, but soft; be strong, but flexible. Talk to people, try to understand them and accept them the way they are. The world will suddenly become simpler and brighter. Concentrate on the current day, as tomorrow is its logical continuation.

Reserved for One: A poem

We don't trust enough We don't pour out our hearts  Telling all our secrets, our fears and surrendering to each other. Comple...