Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yahoo India's Fab & Fearless Woman

When Gayatri from Yahoo contacted me saying she wanted to do a documentary on me, I honestly thought it was a joke. My life is not exciting. I am a full time writer and mother. Balancing both is not easy but manageable.
But then they decided on a shoot date and the crew came over. I got make up put by a professional and my room was lit up with several heavy duty lights.
And the director said "Action."

What was I supposed to say? I've always been the director. I've directed Juhi Chawla to Sharmila Tagore. I'm shy in front of the camera. The Director was sweet. he asked me questions - Where do I get my inspiration? Since when have I been writing? Does being a mother take away from my writing? And what makes me Fab and Fearless?

They filmed me naturally and kept most of my animated bits!

Felt like a princess for a day. Thanks everyone for buying both my books Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas and Mistakes Like Love And Sex to make me reach this place where I'm considered a role model for young women.

It actually is a slice from my life. This is who I am. And Yahoo India captured it perfectly. Check out the video http://in.lifestyle.yahoo.com/video/playlist/fab-and-fearless/madhuri-banerjee-084409376.html

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Asian Age Relationship Advice Column: To Get Back With An Ex or Not!

Dear Love Guru,
Recently, my ex and I became friends again. Now he says he wants to get back with me. I’m currently single and don’t know what to do. Please help.

Dear Rinku,
We always have two choices to every dilemma. With each choice, we can expect at least two different results. Choice 1: Go back to your ex. With this, you can expect - Result A: You understand each other and get back into familiar routines. Result B: Start discovering something new about each other. With the first consequence, you will realize again the reasons you broke up. It could be boredom, not meeting expectations, ego hassles, etc. With the second, you will start wondering where he picked up the new bits and pieces of his personality. You will start becoming suspicious, jealous, and possessive and wonder why you couldn’t do those things for him. This will again lead to fights. Choice 2: Stay away from your ex. You have an opportunity to start afresh with someone. Maybe that person hasn’t come into your life yet, but it doesn’t mean he won’t. The Universe is giving you time to understand yourself, what you want and where you want to go instead of crowding your space with another person who you spend all your energy on. This could mean 1: Patience will pay off. 2: You might learn something about life along the way! Nobody stays “friends” with their ex. At best, they can be “friendly.”

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Quick Sand

A Poem

I am your refuge. A world away from your world. A place that you keep special and sacred. A room you find peace and happiness in. A space that you can be yourself in.

I am your retreat. That holiday that you long for. That time that you need from the stress of daily life. That conversation that livens your mood. That person you want to wake up next to.

I am your shelter. From your boss who you don’t get along with. From the traffic when you’re bored. From your wife when you have nothing to say. From your fears when you can’t voice them.

I am your sanctuary. The end of the road. The distant dream that you already have. The thing that you will come back to. The life that you want to start now.

I am your home. When you are done with work. When life gives you time. When family stops making demands. When you are finally free.
I am your last. Priority. Preference. Prerogative. Person

I am your loss.

Reserved for One: A poem

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