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An Unconventional Choice I’ve made in my life:

Every woman’s life is the sum of all her choices, and Revlon India is here to support that. Choices by Revlon is a platform that will allow every woman to express her opinions and make her choices freely. This month, Revlon talks about Relationships. This is one of the many articles that aim to inspire women all over India in their choices about relationships. Start making a choice today. 
What do you do when the one thing that you know how to do is suddenly the only thing you can’t do? Ever since I was young, I wanted to win an Oscar for Best Director. Hence, all my aim was towards that goal. I did an M.A in Mass Communication, won a National Award for a documentary, left Delhi to live alone in Mumbai, joined Subhash Ghai to become an Assistant Director, and lived off a nine thousand rupee salary and no holiday for years just to work at standing on the Academy Award stage one day. I was ambitious and determined. While I was doing costumes with Kareena Kapoor and later script readings w…

Advantage Love: My new book.

Will today’s woman give up her career for love? Will she learn to trust a man again after having her heart broken? Is she willing to take chances to find the love of her life? When Trisha Mathur leaves Lucknow for Delhi with stars in her eyes, little does she realize how drastically her life is about to transform. In the din and drama of college student politics, she meets debonair politician-in-the-making Vedant Kirloskar, who sweeps her off her feet with his poetry and rakish charm. When irreconcilable differences drive them apart, a broken-hearted Trisha becomes wary of love and men. That is until the dashing tennis star, Abhimanyu comes along and fills her life with unsurpassed love and laughter. She suddenly finds herself in the midst of the glamorous tennis circuit that’s in stark contrast to her small-town moorings. Even as Trisha embarks on a path of love and self-discovery, fate brings Vedant back into her life, asking that they rekindle their old romance. Will Trisha dare take a…