Sunday, November 16, 2014

Scandalous Housewives Review: Strong, Unflinching Women.

"What is commendable is that the author's portrayal of women isn't stereotypical. Though all the protagonists are housewives, neither of them has been portrayed as gharelu, sushil, sundar type nor the other extreme - promiscuous...the pace keeps you hooked." Sneha Madhavan. Absolute India newspaper.

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Art of a Good Kiss

My first boyfriend didn’t know how to kiss. He would just open his mouth and slobber all over my lips. It was awful. No matter how nice and wonderful he was, I had to dump him because he never got the fact that kissing was the most sensuous thing for a woman.
Kissing keeps your relationship alive. Kissing is the first step to foreplay. Kissing is an art that require less saliva and more intention. Kissing is always followed by wise words! Here are the different types.  
1.     Getting to know you kiss – The first or second date kiss. After a lovely conversation you are dropping the girl home. You know a little about her and think she’s really hot. You don’t want to over step. So you walk her in front of her place and face her. Lean in slightly, close your eyes, open your mouth by only half an inch like a fish and kiss her softly. Don’t use your tongue and don’t suck around anything! If she likes it, she’ll ask you do it again. Repeat. Don’t try to grope, etc because she’s liked this! Say “Good night.”

2.     Stop the Car Kiss – You don’t know where your relationship is going. You’ve had a mad fight. You’re upset and she’s hurting. That’s when you need to take action. You need to salvage the situation. You stop the car, un--belt yourself and lean over, pull her head slightly towards you gently and kiss her with your mouth ( 1 inch open.) No tongue. No licking. No slobbering. Just a deep kiss like you’re taking in a gulp of fresh air, fresh love. Say “I love you.”

3.     Do you want to have sex kiss – You’re both alone in a room. You want to start a process. Stand facing each other or you can sit holding each other. Start by kissing her mouth slowly without using your tongue. Use your lips to kiss her lips, her cheeks, behind her ears, her neck. Go slow. Count to three before planting a kiss and doing another one. As if you’re drawing her out of her shell. Don’t be in a hurry. Come back to her mouth. Now begin to kiss a little more passionately. Slowly with each kiss open your mouth a little more till you can slip your tongue in. Now you’ve mastered the “French Kiss.” Don’t probe around like a spy. Don’t produce too much saliva. Drink in her sweetness. She’ll soon say yes. Say “I need you.”

4.     Long Time No See Kiss – Sometimes things need to become a little more aggressive and intense. You haven’t seen your spouse/ mate for a long time. The pent up feelings have been burning inside you. You need to show her how much you missed her. There is no time for the gentleness of it all. As soon as you are in a private place, hold her head with both your hands and draw her into you for a kiss. As soon as her head is close to you, wrap your arms around her waist and hold her closer. Kiss her with closed mouth at first going towards her neck and ears and quickly come back to her lips. Open your mouth and kiss as if you’re taking air from after drowning. After about five six kisses, use your tongue. Don’t start with your tongue. You’ll be surprised at how it puts women off even if they were in the mood for a while! (Yes women are strange creatures!) Close your eyes and kiss her. Then open and look at her, panting, making sure she is reading your signals and before she can start speaking again, (of course they will!) start the process of kissing her again repeating your steps of lips, cheeks, ear, neck on the other side. Use your tongue more now. Say “I missed you.”

5.     Thank You Kiss – You’ve had great sex, she’s got you a lovely present, you’ve had a nice dinner, whatever the occasion, you must thank her with a kiss. This kiss is soft and gentle, firm and affirmative. Like I know what you’ve given me and I really appreciate it. Put your thumb and forefinger together. That’s the amount you should open your mouth for this type of kiss. Don’t use tongue again, unless she gives you a look that says she would like to be thanked in a “better” manner. Then use step 3 or step 4 for it. Say “Thank you.”

6.     Let’s Be Friends Kiss – So a woman might be into you but you don’t really want to go down that road. A peck on the cheek, a peck on the forehead and a peck on the back of her hand means you still want to remain friends but you don’t think of her in “that way.” A peck means “Not now.” A quick peck can be given to your mate at any time on the cheek, hand or lips to say you’re grateful for them in your life. Say “You’re wonderful.”

7.     The Professional Hickey Kiss – Once you’ve mastered the art of how to use your mouth, your tongue and your lips, you can move on to biting. This is the slightly rough SnM type of kiss. When you can bit the corners of her mouth so that it pinches just a bit just for a moment. It’s pulling with your lips and a bit of your teeth her lips. During sex, this can cause a hickey. Use your mouth to cover a part of her skin on her body, the neck, or shoulders and hold your mouth and teeth over it for as long as you can and suck in. Only do this when she’s about to have an orgasm or she’ll be turned off. Say “God I want you!”

Always understand the mood of each kiss. When in doubt, begin with the first step. Never push it too much if she’s not comfortable. Have fun!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Relationships and Physics

Me. What do you think about relationships?
Male friend - Its like physics.  Free protons r energy particles flying arr. No neg or positive charge. Sometimes they join a neg atom and make it a positive atom. Now the protons change a lot to be a part of the atom and give up freedom of flying arr and choose to circle an orbit in an atom. And the only change the atom goes through is that its charge changes from neg to positive. Like men.

So. Basic laws of physics.

Me. Aahh.

Reserved for One: A poem

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