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10 Tips For Single Parents

I met a friend who was recently divorced and was raising two children on her own. Though she said it was tough, she had found great peace in being a single parent rather than having an absentee father who presumed to live under the same roof. Now the father visits often and they have a respectful relationship towards each other.

This takes a tremendous amount of maturity on both the people's part. Being a single parent is no joke. Especially for a working mother who needs to balance so much more. It's tough but it can be done. Children become more positive when you are positive rather than living in a negative environment. But do think twice or thrice before you file for divorce.

If you are a single parent you need to get a lot of help from family, friends, day care, nannies, maids, etc to help you manage a child. Do what's best for them and you even if it means spending a little more money.
Don't over indulge your child though trying to make up for the spouse'…

10 Time Management Tips For Working Mothers

Ever since my child started going to an early morning school, I've had to wake her up early and get her to class on time. This has been quite some effort since she has been waking up for the last four years of her life at a leisurly time of 9am! So I've finally figured out how to balance it out as I'm a working mother and can't afford to be lackadaisical about TIME! Here are a few tips I'd like to share with fellow mothers: Time Management Tips: 1.Food planning – if you buy your groceries once a week nad stock your fridge, plan a menu for the week for your cook or yourself with healthy snacks, and mini indulgences, you are 50% sorted with your life. What you eat and your family eats can be more time consuming than you think. If your children and staff know what to eat through the day, then even if you’re outside or at work, they will not be too fussed and neither will you on whether they are eating correctly. 2.Structure your day – Make lists of what is a) Top Priority…

Love Guru Advice: Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Dear Love Guru,
I have been married for 8 years and my husband has never bought me any jewelry. At the time of wedding, I got one small ring from his side and a thin gold necklace. Now that he is earning, shouldn’t he get me something? Yours Kaaya Dear Kaaya, What? You didn’t get any sets from your husband? No polki, diamonds, kundan or emeralds? This is just shocking! I’m kidding of course! An austere wedding is a beautiful and rare one. But now, that your husband is earning well and you’ve dedicated 8 years of your life being a devoted wife, you deserve some pretty pieces! Please go ahead and ask politely, remind him of your love and use any ploy you can to get what you want. You can also save some money and buy something nice for yourself. The pleasure you will get in buying your own jewelry matches nothing that a man can give you. It offers you a sense of liberation and independence. Also remember that if your husband is the only earning member of your house, maybe most of the income i…

Asian Age Column: Husband Cheated On Me

Dear Love Guru, My husband cheated on me and now that it’s over with the other woman, he wants to come back to me. Should I take him back? Angry, Anita

Dear Anita, Forgiveness is the most divine virtue. But I can understand you’re outraged and upset. I would recommend you don’t go with your heart on this problem. Use your head instead. Is he a good husband? Does he provide for you? Is he a good father? Are you both loving and caring towards each other? If you feel this indiscretion was just a one-night affair, let him back into your home with a condition that you both will go seek a marriage counselor to make it work. If it was an emotional affair that lasted many months/years, let him see a therapist and then both of you see a counselor together. He has to respect you not to do it again. Communicate to each other and don’t keep bringing the topic up if you see he’s trying to make a difference. Start from scratch and woo each other again. Value each other! If nothing works, separate and fi…